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Copper Beneficiation Process

Copper ore divides into ore sulfide, ore oxide and mixing ore according to its oxide rate . The main process for copper ore is flotation, for refractory mixed copper ore and refractory oxide ore, normally use hydrometallurgy process.
Scope of application:
Copper ore processing plant
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Product Description
Copper ore is divided into sulfide ore (oxidation rate less than 10%), oxidized ore (oxidation rate greater than 30%) and mixed ore (oxidation rate 10%-30%) According to the different oxidation rates. the cooer ore beneficiation method is mainly with flotation method. and some with gravity method. In general, copper sulfide ore and easy-t-select mixed copper ore are treated by flotation. For difficult-to-select mixed copper ore and difficult-to-select copper oxide ore, use hydrometallurgy or flotation and hydrometallurgy combined methods.

Applied material : Natural Copper, Chalcopyrite, Chalcocite, Tetrahedrite, Chalcocite, Malachite, Etc.
Copper Processing Flow : The process flow is Crushing — Screening — Grinding — Concentration.

Adopting mixed flotation-concentrate regrinding process can reduce the grinding cost, and be easy to manage.
Application of new non-toxic flotation reagents is efficient and environmental protection.
Table Parameters
AAC Block Size Annual Output Mould Size Number Operators
4.2x1.2m 150,000m³ 4.2x1.2m 10
4.8x1.2m 200,000m³ 4.8x1.2m 10
5x1.2m 250,000m³ 5x1.2m 10
5x1.5m 300,000m³ 5x1.5m 10
6x1.2m 300,000m³ 6x1.2m 10
6x1.5m 350,000m³ 6x1.5m 10
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