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4 Common Problems In The Drying Processing Of Rotary Dryer

Problem 1: Raw materials will not be dried at one time

Reason 1:
The dryer is very small, and too much raw material is placed in the dryer.
Solution 1: Replace the dryer with a larger volume, and you can also put less material in the dryer

Reason 2
: The air pressure and flow calculation of the wind are incorrect
Solution 2: Contact the dryer manufacturer, let the manufacturer calculate the air pressure and total flow again, and then design the plan according to the specific situation

Reason 3
: The dryer operator does not understand the dryer and operates the dryer incorrectly
Solution 3: Ask the operator to use instructions for the machine and equipment, and learn how to use the dryer properly

Problem 2: Dryer equipment consumes raw materials

Reason 1:
The thermal insulation of rotary dryer is poor
Solution 1: improve its thermal insulation characteristics, and wrap a layer of thermal insulation material around rotary dryer

Reason 2: There is a problem with the design of the dryer
Solution 2: Contact the dryer equipment manufacturer to resolve

Problem 3: Uneven drying of raw materials

Reason 1:
The rotation speed ratio of the dryer and the drying temperature in the drum are not adjusted
Solution 1: Adjust the rotation speed ratio of the drying cylinder and adjust the temperature in the barrel appropriately

Reason 2: Material clumping
Solution 2: Crush the drying raw materials and then dry them

Problem 4: The raw material of the dryer catches fire

Reason 1:
Wrong operation of dryer equipment
Solution 1: Check if the dryer equipment is properly installed and if it leaks steam, adjust according to the specific situation

Reason 2
: The dryer equipment is too small to achieve the actual effect of air drying and forced to heat up, which will cause a fire
Solution 2: Change the dryer with a larger volume

Reason 3:
Inappropriate design of dryer equipment structure
Solution 3: Let the manufacturer update or repair the dryer
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