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some elements influencing the production capacity of jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is one of the most common mineral ore crushing equipment, and the higher crushing capacity of it can make it process a lot of mineral ores in our daily life, and today Hongji mining machinery will tell the customers what kinds of elements will influence the production capacity of jaw crusher.

The motion pattern of jaw crusher can have a great impact on the crushing strength in all kinds of crushing production lines, whose complex motion can satisfy the requirement of enhancing the compression power when processing those large-size materials.The crushing strength produced by jaw crusher in processing various materials is different because the different materials can have the different compression strength, hardness and viscosity, so that is the reason why the calculation formula of the crushing strength should include the parameters of the mechanical properties of those materials.
The upper parts and the lower parts are synchronized when the plate of jaw crusher is movable, even the force of them is far away from each other in some sections, so that is the reason why the crushing force in different section of jaw crusher is different from each other. 

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