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The Double Roll Crusher Used For Processing Coal Was Sent To Peru.

The Double Roll Crusher Used For Processing Coal Was Sent To Peru. Double roll crushers are used for both, primary and secondary crushing. They guarantee a strictly defined final grain size with a minimum of fine grains, and to crusher coke, sinter, coal, soft to medium-hard rock, ore and so on.

Adjustment of discharging granularity: there is a wedge or shim adjusting device between two rollers, when the adjusting bolt pulls the wedge up, the wedge rolls the moving roller away, that is, the gap between two rollers will get bigger and the feed size gets bigger; when the wedge is down, the gap between the two rollers will get small under the impact of pressure spring, the feeding size of roller crusher gets small.
The drive mechanism of roller crusher consists of two electric motors, which rotates according to the comparative direction by means of chains or V-belt transmission onto the grooved wheel dragging rollers. When crushing the materials, materials from the inlet through the roller, will be crushed through rolling and the crushed materials will be discharged from the under frame.

1, Used for almost any material and for crushing up to 0.5 mm. 
2, More economical because of its higher production capacity and lower power requirement. 
3, Segmented roll designs available in a wide selection of tooth configurations and abrasion-resistant materials for rugged performance and long life.
4, To accommodate a variety of crushing applications, the crusher achieves reduction ratios up to 16:1.
5, Compared to impact crushing, roller crusher creates much less dust resulting in a cleaner work area.
6, Simplified two-motor drive system eliminates gearbox maintenance. 

Henan Hongji is a leading roller crusher equipment manufacturer in China. We have 20 years of crushing and screening experience. On domestic market, our products have been extensively employed in key national projects. Besides expansion on domestic market, our products have also been exported to over 40 countries and regions.

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