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After commissioning, the 1500×3000 rod mill will be transported to Kazakhstan

Rod Mill, is a grinding machine similar to a ball mill. The obvious difference between the two is the grinding medium. Rod mill is named after the medium is a steel rod. The latter's grinding medium is undoubtedly a steel ball. Both of them can be used for grinding various metal ore and non-metal ore. In some case, rod mill is also called rod type sand making machine, which is mostly used for making sand. 

The rod mill mainly consist of five parts.

1. Feeding Device
Feeding device is a boot hopper, upper-mouth flange and feeding equipment connected to undertake feeding materials, the bucket does not have a lining plate, mainly rely on natural accumulation of materials, the formation of a certain slope lining to prevent wear hopper, hopper rear wall with a check door, forming a circular tube, into the hollow shaft on the spiral cylinder, the material into the mill.

2. Rotary part
The rotary part is a cylinder made of steel plate coil, the two ends are connected with the inlet and discharge hollow shaft respectively, and the horizontal support is on two spindle tiles, and the feed spiral cylinder is installed in the inlet and discharge hollow shaft. The rotary part is through a fixed cylinder at one end of the large gear ring, by the pinion with the help of reducer, motor and rotation. The lining plate is arranged inside the cylinder, which not only protects the cylinder body but also brings the steel rod to the appropriate height to improve the sand making efficiency. In order to prevent leakage from the liner bolt hole, the liner bolts should be entangled in two rings of asbestos rope (or glaucoma with white lead oil) at the outer wall of the close cylinder body in order to ensure the seal. The cylinder is provided with a manhole door for unloading and repairing the internal parts of the body.

3. Discharge device
The discharge device is a hood made of steel plate, which is connected to the water pipe.

4. The main bearing
The main bearing supports all the weight including rotary part, steel rods and so on. It is one of the main components to ensure the normal operation of the mill. The bearing is supported on the spherical seat and can act as a self-defense to apply the error of the manufacturing installation. A connected cooling water channel is built into the bearing and housing, which both cools the lubrication oil and cools the bearing. When the mill is running, the bearing needs continuous lubrication, for this purpose, a fixed oil ring with large oil content is installed on the hollow shaft, and the oil is scraped into the oil tank with the help of the oil body mounted on the spindle tile cover when the mill is running, and then through the hole in the oil tank to the rotating hollow shaft to ensure good lubrication. An ad hoc scraper plate and scraping

5. Rotating device
Rotation device is a transmission system composed of transmission bearings, elastic connecting shaft, reducer, elastic connecting shaft not only transfer torque, but also play the role of shock absorption and adaptation from the manufacturing installation error, the actual operation of a smooth. It must be pointed out that the layout of the mill's transmission device is not allowed to change casually. If there is any change, it is necessary to ensure that the pinion's force on the large gear straight upward, and thus determine the rotation direction of the mill, at the same time to change all directional parts structure, which is generally not allowed.

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