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Lime production line characteristics

1. Activity is higher than the traditional shaft kiln 30 ml

Because the material in the kiln are uniform rolling forward, heated evenly, burning rate is low, suitable for lime calcining highly active degree, under the same conditions, the lime activity of lime kiln production is higher than that of shaft kiln, its about higher 30 ml, active degree is up to 400 ml, is even higher.

2. Production capacity of 1500 t/d

Single production capacity can reach to 1500 t/d, running in good condition, scale up the production for the steel mills, reduce production costs.

3. Automation to reduce labor costs

High degree of automation, using DCS remote control system, the whole line need 2-3 people to control.

4. Finished products are of good quality, had low burning rate

Product quality uniform, burn rate < 8%.

5. Gas fuel, energy conservation and environmental protection

Hongji calcined lime kiln belongs to open wide type, high-tech production process, relatively lower than the old kiln system energy consumption by 40%, and use waste blast furnace gas for the fuel, more environmentally friendly.

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