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The technological process of limestone production line

Qualified limestone (20 to 50 mm) by the elevator lift and transported into the top of the preheater bin.

The bin at the top of the preheater is controlled the feed rate by fluctuation two material level meter, and then by tremie pipe to limestone evenly distributed to the preheater each room.

Limestone in preheater was heated to 900 or so by 1150 kiln flue gas , about 30% of decomposition. By the hydraulic push rod pushed into the rotary kiln, limestone in rotary kiln calcination is decomposed into CaO and carbon dioxide.

After decomposition, generated limestone fall into the cooler, it is blowing in the cooler air and cooled to below 100 . After the 600 hot air into the furnace heat exchange and the gas mixture combustion.

After through the multitube cooler, exhaust gas by induced draft fan into the bag type dust collector, then through exhaust fan into the chimney.

The lime that out of the cooler is transported by vibration feeder, bucket conveyor, bucket elevator, belt conveyor into lime finished-parts storage.

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