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1200tpd Limestone Production Line Design Case

1200tpd Limestone Production Line Design Case

Introduction:According to the actual standards and specifications, we make reasonable process design for the production line based on the actual requirement of cement plants.

1200tpd Limestone Production Line Design Case Overview

According to the actual standards and specifications, we make reasonable process design for the production line based on the actual requirement of cement plants.

1.determine the process parameters

Accurate calculation of the balance of the three limestone calcination system (material balance, heat balance, gas balance) to reasonably determine the relevant process parameters and accordingly to choose the related process and equipment. With the process parameters meeting the limestone production actual operation,while the actual operation, the design will make equipment working in the best efficiency.

Hongji Mine Machinery rotary kiln working site

According to the the main draft fan air selection flow and system resistance by calculation, we chose the 300,000 cubic meters  per hour circulating fluidized bed boiler fan, and the style of high frequency control. The fan has a high efficiency, efficient district wide, flat performance curve, no asthma-point regulation performance advantages. Selecting the device used in this way can effectively reduce the equipment investment and operating costs.

Active limestone production line

2. Preheater, Cooler specifications

Specifications and the main technical parameters of Preheater

Tuitou Number: 18

Outer diameter: 13.566m

Inner vertex size: 10.156m

Height: 7.113m

Specifications, the main technical parameters of Cooler

Length, width,height: 4.7m * 4.7m * 8m

Cooler grate plate material: high temperature stainless steel

Number of discharge ports: 4

3.To determine the thermal system

Fluctuations and changes in fuel calorific value has great influence on the thermal system.To stable temperature, treatment measures adopted as follows.

1) When the calorific value of the fuel is small amplitude and short-term fluctuations, it can be adjusted to the appropriate amount of combustion air and other means to maintain the stable temperature system under constant parameters (yield, the amount of fuel).

2) When the fuel heat value fluctuating is big,through the adjustment of lime production or fuel production,the corresponding the amount of combustion air to maintain normal temperature.

4. The main process and equipment

1) the raw material feeding system

a.with large reserves of limestone material silo;

b. raw material screening device uses vibrating screen

c. belt conveyor for feeding.

2) roasting system

a.vertical preheater

b. rotary kiln for limestone and other materials calcination

rotary kiln for limestone calcination
Kiln head, kiln end built with flexible composite scale piece seal, good sealing effect, can effectively reduce the amount of air leakage. Rotary kiln lays with the horizontal tilted 3.5 percent. Equipped with two sets of support means and supporting roller bearings is water-cooled oil-lubricated plain bearings spoon. Hydraulic gear wheel comes close to the big ring.
c. vertical cooler for cooling materials
Cooler is divided into five regions, and each discharge rate can be controlled separately; cooling wind directly contact to thermal materials, good cooling effect, the ash temperature less than 100oC; secondary air can be preheated to a temperature above 600-C, which will help roasting; cooler has no moving parts, less maintenance of equipment. According to feedback from past projects, the project appropriate to increase the height of the vertical cooler, so that the material can be extended cooling time.
d. combustion system

5. finished materials screening and storage
The 1200t/d limestone production line design has showed high efficiency in the actual production, meeting the economic and technical indicators of cement, feasible. Hongji Mine Machinery, as a professional cement equipment manufacturer, can be customized for efficient and rational production processes to meet customer needs.

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